Marine and Industrial

McKeown Diesel is a premium performance, deposit control diesel fuel designed for use in all diesel-fueled engines in mobile, portable, and stationary applications.

With its deposit control additive system, McKeown Diesel cleans up blocked fuel injectors and keeps them clean for maximum power and performance, and trouble-free running.

Marine Diesel – not requiring Fuel Oil products

McKeown Diesel maintains fuel injector cleanliness and protects fuel system components to ensure that engines operate at peak efficiency and performance. It also consists of a lubricity agent to minimize wear on fuel injectors and fuel pump components.

McKeown Diesel maximizes available power output, preserves fuel economy, and reduces emissions. Furthermore, it saves on maintenance, improves refueling efficiency, and provides excellent storage stability.

The new generation diesel is specially designed for the latest clean diesel vehicles which have advanced emissions controls. These newer low emissions vehicles operate with significantly reduced particulate emissions as well as lower levels of nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.

Furthermore, McKeown Diesel helps protect fuel pumps and injectors from damage and wear. And while the product is designed for the latest-generation low emission diesel engines, the product can be used in all older diesel engines as well. However, in some older diesel engines, fuel injection pump seal leakages may occur upon switching from high to low sulphur diesel. But once the injector pump seals are replaced, the new seals should last for up to six to eight years.

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