McKeown’s petrol with Caltex Techron® is here!

Experience the unbeatable cleaning power of McKeown’s petrol with Caltex Techron.

If you are like most motorists, you probably do not make a big deal out of what fuel you put into your car. As long as the fuel isn’t too expensive, doesn’t cause any car trouble, and lets you go from point A to point B, then you probably do not give the type of fuel you buy much thought.

However, similar to the human body, the health, well-being, and performance of your car are affected by what goes into your engine. Obviously, dirty or contaminated fuel can clog up your engine. But did you know that even the so-called ‘special’ additives of some fuel companies can contribute to deposit build-up in your engine?

You no longer have to worry about that because McKeown’s petrol with Caltex Techron® is now here! McKeowns’ are giving you an exciting new fuel whose unbeatable cleaning power can deliver several important benefits for both you and your car.

Techron® Advantage
All McKeown’s petrol now contains Caltex’s technologically-advanced, patented fuel ingredient, Techron®. Harmful deposits will build inside your engine if your petrol does not contain effective deposit-control additives. The best additives not only keep engines clean, they also clean up deposits to help restore original performance. Techron is unsurpassed at cleaning up and keeping clean.

Techron® contains powerful detergents which remove deposits from fuel injectors, intake ports and valves. Unlike less effective additives, Techron® minimizes the contribution of harmful combustion chamber deposits.

Caltex regularly test competitor fuels, so we know that McKeown’s petrol with Caltex Techron® is unsurpassed in its cleaning power.

In short, Techron® cleans vital engine parts so that your car can perform at its best.

The vital engine parts are the intake valve, the fuel injector and the combustion chamber.

Let’s see what a clean engine means for the motorist.

There are 5 key benefits, and these are :
• Improved performance
• Enhanced reliability
• Smoother drive
• Restored fuel economy
• Lower emissions

Improved Performance
McKeown’s petrol with Caltex Techron® keeps your engine clean on the inside, helping it to perform at its best. Inside the engine, excessive deposits can suppress your car’s full potential by restricting and altering the flow of air and fuel. McKeown’s petrol with Caltex Techron® is unbeatable at preventing build-up of these harmful deposits, helping your engine perform the way its manufacturers intended it to perform

Enhanced Reliability
McKeown’s petrol with Caltex Techron® keeps your engine clean on the inside. And an engine that’s clean on the inside runs better and more reliably. Fewer deposits means less chances of deposit-related engine problems, helping your car maintain its tip top condition so it stays on the road and out of the workshop.

Smoother Drive
McKeown’s petrol with Caltex Techron® keeps your engine clean on the inside allowing you to experience a smoother drive. In most modern cars, fuel passes through nozzles called fuel injectors before it is ignited inside the combustion chamber. The passageways inside the injectors are very narrow and if these are blocked or coated with deposits, you could experience hesitation and stumbling upon acceleration. Deposits can also contribute to run-on, the annoying occurrence when you switch off the ignition and the engine stumbles a few times before switching off.

Restored Fuel Economy
McKeown’s petrol with Caltex Techron® keeps your engine clean on the inside. The build-up of engine deposits causes fuel to burn less efficiently. For your car to deliver its best fuel economy, its fuel system needs to be deposit-free.

Lower Emissions
McKeown’s petrol with Caltex Techron® keeps your engine clean on the inside helping your engine to run at its best. Deposits in the car’s fuel injectors and intake valves can cause increased emissions of harmful substances such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.

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