Frequently Asked Questions 


McKeown Card Fee’s

With the transition from Caltex Starcard’s to Z-Biz Cards, All cards were replaced in December.

We had just been advised by Z that an annual card fee of $12 has been imposed.

This is a cost that we are not able to carry and have had to pass onto our customers. This fee is showing on your February Invoice

Using an Eftpos/Credit card in a McKeown site

When you use a bank card at one of our sites, Your bank requires you to enter a pre-auth amount to authorise our pump, and they place a pending hold on the amount you enter and some banks add an extra $5, Long story short this is only temporary and drops off when your actual transaction is processed next processing day, it usually happens overnight except for weekends and public holidays, so if you check your account on Tuesday your balances should all be correct, you will only have been charged for the amount you pumped into your car, This is a normal bank protocol, Hope this clarifies the matter for you.

My new card isnt working

We have noticed that new second version of the new Z-Biz cards we issued out just before Christmas are very sensitive, on a McKeown site the cards are read on the way out of the card reader, so you need to pull the card out at a medium pace and as flat as possible so the card doesn’t lift of the heads inside the reader, or apply some downward pressure when removing the card.

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