McKeown’s have a subsidiary company called McKeown Chemicals with branches in Dunedin and Oamaru as well as a mobile shop representation throughout the lower south island.

McKeown Chemicals is a major supplier of cleaning supplies for;

  • Commercial cleaning eg, detergent, degreaser, polishes
  • Vehicle cleaners eg, trucks, cars, buses, aircraft, boats
  • Housekeeping eg, beds, bathes, toilets
  • Kitchen eg, dishwashers, ovens and grills sanitisers
  • Laundry eg, detergents, bleaches and softeners
  • Cafeteria eg, bulk tea, coffee, paper towels
  • Equipment eg, commercial dispensing machinery
Bio-Zyme products are non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, deodorising agents, which augment biological action. They include natural enzymes that break down oils and greases in holding ponds, septic tanks, grease traps, toilets, drains etc., making it easier for nature’s bacteria to consume any organic waste matter and at the same time any odours.

Kemsol is a branded range of Institutional and Industrial cleaning products, manufactured by Chemical Solutions Ltd.
The company is 100% NZ owned by its employee shareholders, with its roots firmly fixed on a Kiwi can do approach and family values.

Diversey has been, and always will be, a pioneer and facilitator for life. We constantly deliver revolutionary cleaning and hygiene technologies that provide total confidence to professionals across all of our global sectors.


Jasol is a trusted market leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality cleaning and hygiene solutions that can cater for almost every need. Whether you’re in food manufacturing facilities, supermarkets, industrial applications, kitchens, washrooms or laundries –  Jasol has your cleaning and hygiene needs covered.

Contact Details:

Waterfront Road
PO Box 124

Freephone: 0800 800 908
Direct Dial: 03 433 1022