McKeown Card

Our suite of McKeown Cards offer a convenient and effective way to manage your fueling requirements. Our fuels management system is adaptable to your personal or company’s needs and gives you a variety of control and usage options to choose from. What’s more, our cards are designed to provide greater security and added value in managing your fleet. McKeown’s have 2 Card Options for our customers to manage their fuel purchases:

  • Customer PLUS Card for those that only want to use the McKeown branded network.
  • McKeown Card for those that want access to the McKeown network as well as the Caltex, Z and Challenge network.

Expense Management:

  • McKeown Card facilitates better management of cash flow.
  • Offers very competitive pricing.
  • 20th of month terms are standard.
  • All McKeown Cards are ERUC/EROAD compatible for fleets.


Choose from 10 different product groupings to best manage your purchases for the best outcomes of your business.


  • All McKeown Cards are PIN controlled cards with your own choice of 4 digit number.
  • McKeown’s payment terminal carries out real time validation to verify the card.


  • There are no transaction fees so you can use your card anytime and anywhere and never have to worry about extra transaction based charges.
  • Customer PLUS Cards have a card life of 2 years before replacement. (Black Cards)
  • McKeown Cards have a card life of 4 years before replacement. (White Cards)
  • Depending on your fuel consumption you may qualify for a special discounted fuel price.
  • For advice on McKeown Card our Customer Service Centre is available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week simply contact us.

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